Ants Treatment

Ants Treatment

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Interventions involving capenter ants can be very complex. To stop the infestation, the nests must be found and destroyed. The nests can be outside and / or inside the house. Irrespective of the extent of the infestation, it is often difficult to locate the nests. The visit of a technician is strongly advised especially if you see ants inside during the winter..

If ants are seen only in summer, they often come from outside. We therefore need to limit our intervention to ant circulation areas. For example, nests, tree trunks, foundations of the house and a strip of adjacent land of approximately 3 m should be sprayed with a liquid insecticide .


  • Keep exterior contours of windows, doors, etc. as sealed as possible.

  • Avoid storage of wood near the house

  • Repair and dry out water infiltrations inside quickly


  • Apply an insecticide directly to the nests and to the outer perimeter of the house
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