Bed bugs Treatment

Bed bugs Treatment


More  insecticide-resistant bedbug populations are more frequent. Today, traveling and trips are more frequent. This contributes to the spread of resistant bugs. Elimination becomes more difficult and often requires further expertise. Do not take the risk of complicating your situation and use the service of a professional..


  • Inspect the hotel room before staying there

  • Carefully inspect luggage when returning home

  • Inspect used furniture before introducing it into the house


  • Wash the bedding with hot water and dry at high temperature (minimum 60 minutes)

  • Vacuum on mattresses, box springs and in rooms (get rid of the container outside)

  • Apply an insecticide into cracks and crevices that can be used as insect shelter

Our prices are according to steam treatment and use of the best products available on the market and a professional service of first quality.

Beware of companies that offer long term or lifetime warranty no company can guarantee that you will not bring back any new bugs after a treatment on your next trip, at Dynamix honesty is our priority.  VOIR REPORTAGE LA FACTURE

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